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YSA/YWA Salmon and/or YEA Perch/Popoise wagons...

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  • Bearwood West Yard
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    Having made a YEA, its definitely not an experience I would like to go through ever again. Even in OO, its taken me over four months. Seeing the announcement on the JZA by Dapol pre-2010, its no wonder they never made production given how complex and difficult it is to make from plasticard let alone tooling for injection moulding. Making the rubber rail and making CADs are the easy part.
    YWA and YSA Salmons would be nice to see, or even with the modern conversion to YKA. Especially with Cambrian's kits becoming scarce.

  • RailGooner
    I've built a NGS kit of a Salmon with a view to one day making rakes of YSA/YWA/YEA.

    If I correctly read JJA, JNA/IOA, YSA/YWA, YEA, as 1, 2, 3, 4, then I'd support RTR models of both (3) and (4).

    I'd definitely go for a book-set of YEA Long Welded Rail Train composed of Stabling, Chute, Clamping, and Intermediate wagons complete with a load of Continuous Welded Rail (CWR). I've given some thought to kit-bashing this. In my mind I resolved the problem such a rake might have negotiating tight curves, by making the CWR load from rubber. Modelling my own CWR load I'd probably use strips of rubber, rectangular in cross-section. As a RTR model I would expect the CWR load to have a prototypical rail cross-section.

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  • YSA/YWA Salmon and/or YEA Perch/Popoise wagons...

    Hi All,

    I would like to make a suggestion for a new wagon if possible (in N, naturally )

    Within the world of modern track replacement rakes, we often see;
    JJA Autoballaster wagons (as produced by GF)
    JNA/IOA ballast wagons (as produced by Dapol) and
    Either the YSA/YWA Salmon Bogie wagon (of which numerous other post-TOPS variants were used) or
    the YEA long weld rail track Perch/Porpoise wagons.

    Often, the above are seen in mixed or singular rakes. Would there be interest within the modelling community for (3) and/or (4) and would Dapol be interested in seeing if this could be something they would consider producing in the future?

    Obviously, there could be production challenges with (4) given rakes of 5 wagons carry full welded lengths of rails with Radius 1 curves in the modelling world but I’m sure a solution could be found to this…