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Megafret wagons and Containers 2F-053 & 028

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  • Megafret wagons and Containers 2F-053 & 028

    I bought the Malcolm set 2D-007-001 and have been waiting eagerly for some more Megafret wagons and containers to appear to make this a reasonable rake. It is a really beautiful set. Are there any plans for more Megafret wagons and containers, either available separately or complete?

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    I would definitely be interested in some more containers as I have several empty sets.


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      We have no short term plans for more megafret wagons, as we still have some weathered ones left in stock, albeit they come with Less CO2 Tesco containers. However, I am sure we will produce the wagons by themselves in future years. With regard to containers, we will be making these now from our UK factory and Malcolm containers will be out soon, first in OO and then N.

      Dapol Staff Member


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        Well, I'm always in the market for more weathered megafrets, but you have to buy them with (Tesco) containers, which is annoying, cos I *just* want the megafrets.... the containers go straight on flea-bay.

        Joel Dapol - I don't think Dapol should get in the habit of producing container wagons WITH containers on.... for one, the typically intricate nature of the decks, support spars, etc, is what makes the container wagons visually appealing (to me), therefore dumping a cubic piece of garish coloured plastic on top of them ruins it!


        • Arthur Hodgett
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          I would definitely support the separate production of the megafrets and containers. For me ideally at least two, maybe three megafrets in a box, to keep the price down and ideally not mixed containers, again two or three containers sets in a package. In N gauge you can have quite few before you end up tail chasing!

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        I would also welcome another run of Megafrets to go with the one I currently have...


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          Just noticed that megafrets are back in stock - again, no announcement from Dapol; I just chanced across it on the GaugeMaster website (they are pretty good for announcing stuff in their 'latest news' section).... available from all good retailers, as they say....

          Still not sure why Dapol aren't announcing any of these new arrivals/releases - I think they need a PR manager.... or a marketing intern.... or someone.... ;-) !

          Also, and I've said it before, but I'll say it again, releasing new batch of 67s, plus new batch of mk3s, plus new batch of HST booksets, plus new batch of spine wagons, plus new batch of megafrets (plus new release of 142?) ALL WITHIN SIX MONTHS, is completely illogical - at the risk of sounding like i'm complaining, the modern image modeller cannot afford all of these items in such a space of time, but yet it was probably nearly two years since any significant previous modern image release - lets hope they don't all wizz off the shelf in a few weeks, other wise people (myself included; i'm not made of money!) will miss out on models they want - I also have to consider that I have a number of balances to settle with RevolutioN to factor in....


          • Neil Dapol
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            Hi JR_P.

            There has been a slide going round at the top of the website announcing they are on their way for some time now. Unfortunately they arrived during a particularly busy time and the advertised message of "Arriving soon" was inadvertently not been changed to the more appropriate message of "In stock and going out to stickiest"

            As for n gauge releases, the timing may not be ideal for everyone, some projects have been moved back to allow further development on certain models. What the abundance of N Gauge announcements does show is a continuing commitment to the gauge by Dapol.