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Dapol N gauge Class 86 - *REVIEW*

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  • Dapol N gauge Class 86 - *REVIEW*

    Most people enter the hobby with a train set, I did the same when it came to OO gauge in 1999 when I was 4 years old and an aunt sent me a train set...However my entry into N gauge is different and I didn't go down that usual path!

    Last month a special delivery turned up at my doorstep, finally my very first British N gauge model train had arrived,. I've always been a fan of EWS and I've been a huge fan of the Class 86, so it wasn't surprising that my first choice at an N gauge model was Dapol's EWS Class 86. Tearing open the box and bubble wrap flying across the room, I eventually got my hands on the tiny Dapol box, ummm..I didn't expect it to be that small! Dad's head crops over from behind and he then realizes that he needs his spectacles.

    All that aside I slowly get down to unpacking and getting the model out. Now lets get down to those "pros" and "cons" (because Neil Dapol suggested I look out for anything that might need improvement)

    - First of all the detail is just beautiful, I don't think Dapol have missed a rivet on this thing! The detail is nothing short of exquisite! Instantly knew I made the right choice.
    - The overall assembly of the model is of a very high standard.
    - The model seems to be very robust, I think Dapol struck the perfect balance here between moulded and separately added detail. Infact I'm glad Dapol knows where to add metal handrails and where not to, because the other big brand are utterly confused!
    - The detail on the body shell and the over moulding in crisp!
    - The paint work is also crisp and I've not come across and paint bleed whatsoever.
    - The pantograph is a miniature piece of extreme detail! Better than the OO gauge pantographs out there.
    - I only was able to run it for a few mins on a friend's bit of test track, initial impressions are perfect!
    - And might I add in OO gauge the part I hated was adding the detail. I was dreading this, but you know what? Fitting the detail to this N gauge Class 86 was the easiest thing I've done, I did both ends in 15 mins.

    CONS: (now initally I couldn't think of anything negative for this model, but Neil told me to try and see if there's any way it can be improved)
    - I've "heard" that the pantograph is a little overscale
    - I think the EWS Gold should've been a little bit lighter, it looks a little dull.
    - In my accessory bag, one of the air hoses wasn't taken off it's sprue carefully, hence I had no way of slotting it in because the part that's supposed to slot into the tiny hole was missing. a dot of PVA glue saved the day.

    I've also taken advantage of being an amateur photographer and taken some picture of this lovely little beast. I hope you'll like it...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC01315-001.JPG
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    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC01323-001.JPG Views:	1 Size:	130.3 KB ID:	3588

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC01360-001.JPG Views:	1 Size:	119.8 KB ID:	3591

    Well that was my first time reviewing any item, so it's obviously different! I hope to have more soon as I have another Class 86 in RfD livery on order and a Caledonian one on my wishlist! Thank you Dapol for that wonderful little model!!! Everyday I sit and stare at...people think I'm mad.

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    I've uploaded the pictures as "full size" however they seem small, click to enlarge. Unfortunately uploading pics on the Digest was a bit of a task! Maybe Andy, Joel or Neil can sort it out?
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      These are excellent runners (I have 4 of them) and (touch wood) so far have had very reliable electronics (lighting, board and motor).