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  • Poll: Class 73 livery wish-list

    We don't seem to have a wish list for ED liveries so I thought I'd suggest:

    BR blue 73/1
    BR blue large logo / revised
    Intercity (tiny number at bottom of cab)
    Intercity Executive 73/2

    I realise Dapol have done both the blues in the past but they're hard to find, and every example of 73138 in large logo I see seems to have blur around the edges of the numbers.

    What do people think? Anything else to add?


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    Network Rail livery is quite striking if not too many modifications


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      Indeed. Both variants of the 73/9s would be interesting too.
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        Fragonset Railways Class 73?
        Jeremiah Bunyan...


        • carderrail
          carderrail commented
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          You are reading my mind....

        • JeremiahBunyan
          JeremiahBunyan commented
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          Black looks good on everything. And I loved the Fragonset livery.

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        That would be nice.
        Or this short-lived variant from 1967:


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          I don't recall seeing an N gauge one in "Electric Blue" if that's the correct term? How about that?
          Jeremiah Bunyan...


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            Original as-new - fresh out of the box!


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              I think a few also ran in Engineering Grey (73 106/73 136?)..... probably too obscure would be the Merseyrail livery.


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                I saw 73108 in thoroughly dull grey at Stewart's Lane:


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                  I know it's not really a feasible option, but I sincerely hope that at some point in the future Dapol will re-tool or update the N gauge Class 71. The model will so greatly benefit from wire handrails, working lights and some finer details.

                  Also I quite like the Class 71 in Engineers Grey livery (thanks Andy and Caderrail).

                  Jeremiah Bunyan...


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                    With the versatile 73s spreading their ED wings across the network in their (not so) twilight years, and given the wide range of liveries on show, I think a new high spec 73 would be great. And, alas, expensive.


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                      N-gauge 73/9 in Caledonian sleeper midnight teal please!


                      • Andy Hebden
                        Andy Hebden commented
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                        It'd be nice but it wouldn't be easy!

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                      An early 73/0 in green and 73/1 in blue small yellow panel would be nice. You've done these in OO but never in N