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    The comment in the baister1 post about handrails missing on one of the Hattons website pages photos intrigued me a bit. There is one loco with the door handrail not fully seated at the bottom, and one with one door handrail missing.. I can see how easy it is to think that the Chiltern 68014 without handrails is wrong, but of course it is not. Here is my photo of sister locomotive 68013 taken at Marylebone on 27 April 2016 and looking particularly barefaced without a handrail in sight!
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      These are not the handrails you should be looking for, it's the ones either side of the cab door.

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    I thought my second sentence covered the door handrail issue, are there more?


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      My class 68005 arrived from Kernow MRC mid week and I have test run it today, I am very pleased and impressed with this model. Yes 1 handrail was misaligned but otherwise all seems to be excellent, it runs very quiet and very slow. I have taken the body off and the bogies are correctly assembled and lights seem to be correct. I have rather forcible removed the cove on the roof to access the switches, real shame this is glued down and so difficult to do, otherwise it would be a great idea. Overall a great model, real pleased with my purchase and definitely a rule 1.


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        Originally posted by woodbury22uk View Post
        For the enthusiasts for the Chiltern Mainline livery there is one set used on the Banbury commuter services which uses original format Mk3 coaches with hinged doors but in Mainline livery. Close up picture here of one coach next to the former "catering" vehicle which retains the original doors too. So possible to do the livery accurately even without modifying the moulds.
        That photo shows what is now one of the power-door sets, before the power doors were fitted (the 68s didn't replace the 67s until well after this was done). The doors at the counter end of the catering vehicle do still remain as slam doors, but for emergency use only - the handles have been removed. All other doors are now power doors.

        The Banbury set (which retains slam doors, and does not have a catering vehicle) was until a year or two ago in BR blue and grey livery, but has since been painted into a slightly different livery to the power-door sets, with white in the middle and grey at the ends. This is the one which Dapol could easily do as it's just TSOs.

        The power door / slam door coaches cannot be mixed in service.


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          Congratulations Joel, Andy & Richard. I received my 3 Class 68s last week. One of each livery. I have been giving them a good run in and they are absolutely superb, a real step up in overall quality and finesse. The running qualities are excellent, quiet and very powerful. The complicated body shape and liveries have been executed very successfully. The detail is amazing and the very fine printing is exquisite. They are all perfect and ran beautifully straight from the box. You pushed the boat out with this model and I reckon it was worth it and you succeeded!