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  • 68007 weathering

    Thought I'd share these images, and a mini-review of sorts...

    After reading some horror stories, I was pleased to see my model turned up with all handrails intact and bogies attached. Strangely though, the fuel tank was wonky! I thought it was glued and tried to remove it, but in trying to remove it I manged to manipulate it into it's correct place - seems it just wasn't quite clipped in properly. Happy days.

    It runs perfectly out of the box, one of the best I've seen. Incredibly smooth! I put a next 18 chip in (was too impatient to wait for the DCC-fitted versions to hit the shops) - impressed with the functions for cab lighting and push-pull mode.

    Only two minor flies in the ointment - one is the lack of etched nameplates despite these being advertised as part of the spec. Not sure what happened to them, I will be looking to source some from Shawplan in due course. The other issue is purely my own stupid doing - when putting the finishing touches to the weathering job I noticed something on the windscreen so used a cotton bud to dust it off, before realising said cotton bud had white spirit on it... I now have a fogged up windscreen on the no1 end. Very annoyed with myself, and have contacted DCC supplies for a spare glazing set already as they aren't yet listed on their website.

    The weathering process started with a light wash (thinned paint applied then wiped off) done with very dark brown, paying particular attention to the roof area, followed by airbrushing in various shades to get the desired dusty effect. The exhaust has a mixture of rust down the sides and diesel soot around the exhaust ports, as copied from prototype images. The trademark diesel spills down the sides of the fuel tanks was done with straight black paint on a brush.