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Problems with delivery of models to anywhere in the Norrh East

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  • Problems with delivery of models to anywhere in the Norrh East


    To say I’m a little disappointed with Dapol’s response to a local model shop to me.

    i went there today in the expectation of taking at least one of the new models of the class 68 today but after waiting patiently at the store for most of the day and the owner phoning the customer help line at Dapol twice and be told that they would call him back and never actually getting a call back before I left at 4.30 this afternoon.

    To me it feels like there is a North/South divide and it amazes me how Hattons and Rails of Sheffield have had loads to sell for days but being dedicated to my local model shop I’ve held off buying from them as if there are problems like have been reported with some of the models I’d have the chew on with returning whereas with my local shop being 25 mins drive I don’t mind as they have been always good to me. To me it’s astounding that 1 he (the shop seller) didn’t get a call back and 2 that nowhere in the North East has received any models of the new class 68.

    This has upset not only me but other N gauge modellers that I am friends with as it feels like we are not getting a chance than to go with the “box shifters” to get the models we desire.

    i would like hear your thoughts on this please.
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    Without wanting to get into a Dapol bashing moment there is something up, I recently got a pay increase at work so decided to treat myself to a Dapol pannier as I fancied a 2nd one, so I contacted 2 model shops I know and trust for prices - 1 in the north east and one in the south west so polar opposites. Both said this model was not available to order yet a few days later Hattons got 2 of the exact same model in


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      Hi Kain & Ed.

      Firstly I would like to point out I will not be discussing individual stockist by stockist cases.

      Secondly I can assure you that there is no favoritism in respect to who gets stock and who does not. With the volumes involved someone will be first to receive product and inevitably someone will have to be last, their geographical disposition has nothing to do with this . Any and all orders for N Gauge Class 68's have either been or are in the process of being sent out to our stockists.

      With regards to the pannier situation, if you are referring to an O Gauge locomotive, no one will have any stock of these yet. As for any N Gauge Pannier stock availability you will need to provide a more specific product code for me to check the availability. All stockists are provided with stock level information on a regular basis, All stockists have equal opportunity to place and receive orders.

      Kind Regards


      Dapol Staff Member


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        Dapol and geographic favourites when it comes to shops... What allegations next!
        Jeremiah Bunyan...


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          I've questioned some of Dapol's products and quality control in the past, and certainly can't be described as a 'fanboy', but this is a ridiculous claim. What advantage would Dapol gain from holding back stock from certain dealers? It's in their interest to sell as many as possible!

          In the case of the 68's, they only started appearing last week. If you don't want to wait a week or two for them to arrive at your favoured model shop (which is perfectly reasonable in my view), you have the option to buy from a retailer that does have them in stock.
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            I apologise if you think I was saying their were favourites for suppliers if your models that was not my intention. And as for talking about specific suppliers that isn’t either.

            as I say I was there when the calls were made and both times told they would ring him back and the call never came before or after I left. It’s not Dapol bashing that I’m going on about as I’ve enjoyed some of the models that you have produced and that I’ve owned or currently own.

            as for the fanboy comment it wasn’t meant as a derogatory meaning but I’ve had dealings with other people who defend and are blinded by certain companies before and would defend them even to the point that there are faults. And I didn’t want to receive comments that would leave bad blood between myself and other modellers as that is not my intention.

            i thank you for your response.


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              No worries, I hope you manage to get hold of the models you're after!
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                Monk Bar models in York has/had some in, if it's not too far you might want to give them a call.


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                  Also want to add my post was not a dig at Dapol, just pointing out some shops could (and did) get something in whereas others cannot according to them.


                  • mike
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                    Is that really the case though or had one shop just ordered more originally, or still had models in stock? Doesn't mean that Dapol were giving models to some shops and not others...

                  • Ed-Farms
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                    Unless Hattons held off adding models to stock then that's the case, as they appeared on their "new in stock" section after my enquiry to other shops.