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N Gauge Livery of 68 001?

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  • N Gauge Livery of 68 001?

    I am veyr much looking forward to seeing the class 68, and I have been following the updates with much interest. I have seen that the OO version, DRS will be selling a limited edition of 68 001. Are there any plans to add this number for the N gauge version? It could make a nice exclusive running number for collector club members maybe?

    Farish did a similar thing with the 70s, 001 was available in OO but not N, and I think it would be a shame if we couldn't have the chance to have 68001 in N gauge.

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    A very good idea if DRS do not want it themselves.

    Dapol Staff Member


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      Now the OO version is available, How long before tooling is authorised for the N gauge models?


      • Joel Dapol
        Joel Dapol commented
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        The tooling is now underway and we will post a schedule shortly.

      • JeremiahBunyan
        JeremiahBunyan commented
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        Joel Dapol cannot wait to see the first shots of the N gauge samples.

      • deltic131
        deltic131 commented
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        Excellent news, excited now Joel.

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      Just seen Railtec trasfers are offering a renumbering transfer set and a 3d printed nameplate choice in 4mm - have asked Steve if 2mm version on the cards ! If yes then doing 68001 off a standard early 68 always possible


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        Well My 68s arrived today - and wow ! lovely model and packaging and booklet are great improvement. Thanks to all involved


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          My Class 68 arrived too...and what a beauty it is! A fine model and an example of Dapol's excellent work. Need to wait for a TPE Class 68 now. And a special thanks once again to Dapol, I remember randomly asking for 68001...and here it lies infront of me on my workbench today.
          Jeremiah Bunyan...