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Quality Assurance (QA) or Lack Thereof

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  • Product Q&A: Quality Assurance (QA) or Lack Thereof

    Dear Dapol,

    Dapol 2D-007-011D Class 66/0 66002 in EWS livery with DB branding and six megafret container wagons, was my Christmas gift from the one I love.

    Fresh out of the box, the lights didn't work at one end.
    The attached image shows the fault I found upon removing the body to investigate. This brought my love to tears. But I'm not complaining, lord no. I'm beyond grateful that you produce anything for the N Gauge market, even if it is substandard.

    Merry Christmas!
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    I am sorry that I have only just spotted this and I am sorry for the problems you have experienced. We do have QC procedures, but unfortunately QC does not mean you are going to capture all issues. We also give a fair margin for retailers to do some QC on our behalf and we hope that between us we will capture most problems. The other issue of course is shipping both from our warehouse to our customer and then from our customer (The shop generally) to the end user of which we have little control other than sack the shipper if we get repeated reports of damages (which we have done in the past)..

    Once again I am sorry I did not pick this up earlier and I am sorry you have had a poor experience with the class 66 set.

    Dapol Staff Member