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possible next 66 production run

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    The 2 new class 66 announced at Tings are now available to pre order at hattons, definitely getting the ex EWS with six megafrets.
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      Hope you have fixed the issue with failing red LED's on the 66, I have 2 Evening Star's and both have no red light at one end, failed within minutes of powering them up, and apparently it's a common known problem.


      • Andy Dapol
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        Oh dear. Though of course I cannot say faults will never occur, failing LEDs are current production. Once more if within our warranty period I suggest you return for repair. It's not something I would be happy to accept myself.

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      Would be great if we could have another GBRF Europorte liveried 66 released. I'd personally love to have 66704 (Colchester Power Signal Box) simply because it's my home town. And so far none of the original batch have been done in the Europorte variant of the livery so would be nice to seee released. Of course the latest Freightliner livery would work well for another livery on the next batch (2019 released perhaps?)