My recent addition from Dapol is an N gauge Class 86 in EWS livery. One of the most outstanding features of this model IMHO is the handrails made from metal wire (nickel silver I presume?). To me be it painted or not on the real loco, the metal handrails used by Dapol on this model gave it a realistic touch. Can such a thing be applied to other models? I was just thinking how wonderful the Class 66s will look with bare metal handrails. I know most if not all the real locos have them yellow, but painting the ones on the model usually makes them thicker.

If my memory serves me right about a year or two ago I got in touch with Dapol via facebook and suggested have wire handrails on their Class 66s, to which I got a prompt reply saying that that was actually being discussed at that moment. I think from them on they did get wire handrails but the paint often made it look oversized.

Is it possible to have unpainted metal handrails fitted to locos such as the Class 56 and 66 in further batches? All other models I've seen from Dapol's range already have bare metal handrails. Another lovely example is the Class 58s.