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  • Class 58 releases

    I was wondering if there are any plans for a new release of class 58's in the red stripe Railfreight livery. I missed out on these first time round and have 2 coal sector ones which are excellent and would love to add some more to my roster..


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    I really wanted a Class 58 in Mainline livery...but I too missed out. It was out for long...still missed it!
    Jeremiah Bunyan...


    • Arthur Hodgett
      Arthur Hodgett commented
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      These are still available at a well know Liverpool shop !!!

    • JeremiahBunyan
      JeremiahBunyan commented
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      Thanks Arthur, I'll have a look...Hattons?

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    None currently planned I am afraid, perhaps later in 2017 if there is enough interest.

    Dapol Staff Member


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      I am certainly interested in Railfreight Grey red stripe 58's, possibly a couple of them if rmore were made.


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        Didn't pay much attention to the original run(s?) so don't know if 58016 has already been released. But how about 58016 as preserved in collaboration with the Class 58 Locomotive Group ( )? I don't know what livery the C58LG intend for 58016 - they received it in Fertis livery - but I'd bet on it being outshopped in TLF Coal.


        • DavidInYork
          DavidInYork commented
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          If you look at recent pictures of 58016 they seem to have painted the solebar red, which would suggest the original Railfreight grey / yellow above.

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        I think you are right DavidInYork - that red solebar is a pretty good clue. I switch my bet to original (Doncaster Works) Railfreight livery.
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        • Scruff
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          Can I have the winning lottery numbers for next week please?

        • RailGooner
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          Wednesday or Saturday?
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        Any hope for another run of the Class 58s Joel Dapol
        Jeremiah Bunyan...