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Re-run class 56s?

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  • Re-run class 56s?

    Hi, I’ve noticed gaugemaster controls are taking pre-orders for some class 56s (ones that are currently out of stock?). And if there’s any news about these on here? And if so, when they might appear in stock?

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    Can't see any additional Class 56s. Can you share a link?
    Jeremiah Bunyan...


    • JackD09
      JackD09 commented
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      Colas rail one is on this page and others on the page before...

    • JeremiahBunyan
      JeremiahBunyan commented
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      Odd....Those are models that have been produced in the past as we know. The ones available to "ORDER" are mostly DCC and the only one that is DC with ORDER beside them is the Colas one.

      I am sure it's nothing from Dapol, Dapol would've invested in newer liveries and numbers, not re-runs of older ones. I think the Gaugemaster website is not updated correctly, not updated at all or they have a few which they are adding DCC decoders to and selling.

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    thanks for your help, hopefully there will be new liveries/numbers in the future.


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      Juat wondering if there was any hope of a re run/new liveries of the class 56..

      Dutch for example..?


      • Joel Dapol
        Joel Dapol commented
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        Hello there, no plans at the moment. The last batch did not sell too well unfortunately. I do not know whether it was the liveries we chose or something else. Other than Dutch, what other liveries would people find interesting?

      • Ed-Farms
        Ed-Farms commented
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        Large Logo Blue
        Original Railfreight Grey

        Both hard to come by options now, but certainly Dutch would be of interest to me
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      Hi Joel

      Thanks for the reply, as Ed has said above, but also some of the DCR versions would certainly good options.


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        How about the current DCR livery?


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          Looks like another run of 56's is happening,

          Fastline 56302, Large logo 56131, Transrail 56029, EWS 56059 amd DCR 56303 are listed. Is it too late to have a Dutch version as well, pretty please


          • Neil Dapol
            Neil Dapol commented
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            Unfortunately Ed-Farms the tooling does not seem to support the locomotives that wore the Dutch livery so at this current juncture in time they are off the table.

          • Ed-Farms
            Ed-Farms commented
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            Thanks for your reply Neil, have to make do with Transrail grey instead

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          Glad there will be another large logo version, missed out on the first batch. Strange choice of 56131 though, as from what I can tell it wore regular large logo until 1987, then appeared with large logo small numbers when named, and then was in Trainload Coal by 1989.
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            Looking at my Motive Power Pocket Book, 1992, there were still 3 in Large Logo, 56119, 56124 and 56126 - one of these would provide a model with a broader lifespan in that livery. Is it too late to change?


            • Neil Dapol
              Neil Dapol commented
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              HI Stuart, thank you for your feedback on the choice of class 56 running numbers. We plan to change to 56119 as a result. Many thanks!

              Kind Regards


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            Hey, that's brilliant news. I'll be able to recreate this now without needing to re-number


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              hi dapol

              well done - im pleased to see some re runs of your models is planned.

              tbh ive had quite a few problems with my 3 class 56s... they all run extremely slow, some struggle to get to above a scale 20 mph. also the wires to the lights are ultra delicate and make removing the body perilous. ive a few with lights out of use now. one smells of burning and gets very hot. ive had to send them all in for repairs over the years.

              on the new batch of 56s is the motor / gearing the same?

              will the lighting arrangements be the same?

              this will determine whether i order a new one.

              the 26/27/33s/50s/121/122 are all so nice and have caused no problems at all... but 56s/58s have caused me a lot of problems over the years...

              all the best



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                Hello bluedepot
                Thanks for your enquiry. There are no changes to gearing as the existing gearing planned. The model runs at a scale speed of just over 82mph so is a little faster than the prototypes rated speed. We are changing the decoder to a next-18 type which will permit independent front/rear lighting control (as our other re-releases).

                Regarding your problems, they seem to be related to your class 56 as this model shares mechanicals and wiring etc. with the other models you said are good. We'd be happy to look at these for you, via DCC Supplies, either as a warranty repair or chargeable service dependent on their warranty status.

                Dapol Staff Member


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                  Hello Andy Dapol

                  I model the EWS era and obviously the upcoming EWS Class 56 and EWS Class 58 are on my radar. But before I pre-order the model, I wanted to know if Dapol has any plans to correct the EWS colours on your upcoming Class 56 and Class 58?

                  I have an EWS Class 86 released by Dapol a few years ago, the EWS maroon is far too dark with a white undertone and the EWS gold is far too mustard like. Those are definitely the wrong shade, but I see that on your OO gauge Class 73 and O gauge EWS Class 08, ya'll have a much more accurate representation of EWS maroon and EWS gold.

                  Images attached for reference

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Dapol EWS Class 56.jpg
Views:	115
Size:	23.2 KB
ID:	9784

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Dapol EWS Class 58.jpg
Views:	83
Size:	161.4 KB
ID:	9785

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Dapol EWS Class 73.jpg
Views:	82
Size:	232.2 KB
ID:	9786

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Dapol EWS Class 08.jpg
Views:	83
Size:	295.8 KB
ID:	9787

                  Jeremiah Bunyan...


                  • Andy Dapol
                    Andy Dapol commented
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                    Hi @JeremiahBunyan,
                    I can confirm that all paint colours are reviewed against actual colours as the model is sampled. I'm sure Neil Dapol will publish pictures of samples once available.

                  • Vonzack
                    Vonzack commented
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                    The 56 / 58 appear more like they've been in traffic and through the wash plant a couple of times, which seems more accurate to me. The original ND005 run of 73's looks similar from pictures, so is in keeping.

                    The OO 73 above looks wrong, no matter what image you 'Google' there is a marked shade difference between the body stripe and the warning panels that I can't see in that picture (but it may just be the picture).