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GBRf buys 16 Class 56s

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  • GBRf buys 16 Class 56s

    Press release from GBRf:

    GB Railfreight purchases class 56s to provide extra capacity

    GB Railfreight (GBRf) can today announce that it is again expanding its fleet of locomotives as a result of continued growth in the services that it runs. GBRf is pleased to confirm that it has purchased 16 class 56 locomotives from UK Rail Leasing (UKRL), along with a number of spares and materials.

    There is a mixture of stored, serviceable and non-running donor locomotives which GBRf will be able to put to a variety of uses as the needs of the company warrant. In the first instance, some of these locomotives will be moved from Leicester to be stored at various locations pending a decision on their future re-engineering, while others may be returned to service if required.

    At this time GBRf is not able to confirm any projected re-engineering as this is still subject to final contract.

    GBRf would like to thank UKRL for their assistance and hope that we will continue to work together on various projects in the future.

    Commenting on the deal, GBRf Managing Director John Smith said:

    “This is an important deal for us as it provides much needed capacity for our expanding business. At a time when rail freight is facing an uncertain future, GBRf is able to say it is growing and confident that the industry will overcome current challenges. With ambitious housing and infrastructure targets, growing consumer demand, and the need to reduce carbon emissions, rail freight must be ready to play a central role.”
    This would be a lovely addition to the Dapol range once they are officially repainted granted there's no major modifications.
    Jeremiah Bunyan...

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    Jeremiah, now that is a great shout...


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      Unfortunantly there is major modifications so a new tooling will be needed

      EXCLUSIVE: The GB Railfreight Class 69 project explained (


      • Joel Dapol
        Joel Dapol commented
        Editing a comment
        Yes, I saw this article and came to the same conclusion. It would be good to confirm the differences in the flesh though.

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      Lots of photos of 69001 out there now - definitely major modifications: all of the roof between the cabs is new and very different to what was there before. Cab fronts modified with the grille plated over and the old multiple-working connections removed, new lights and an AAR multiple-worling socket in the middle.

      The bogies are reused so in model form it may well be possible to reuse the existing chassis, but the bodyshell would need to be new.