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Class 56 Slow Running and broken gears

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  • Class 56 Slow Running and broken gears

    I took advantage of the recent sale to members and bought a Load Haul. The grease on the worms was a thick white colour so I took off as much as possible and put a drop of Daywat oil on each plus the gears and started to run it in. It went quite slowly and was rather noisy, but a pleasant running noise, if you know what I mean, but I left it to run in. No increase in speed with running in, so I assume it is geared for slow running. I thought I would get two of my other 56's out and see how their running and noise compared. The triple grey was just the same speed, so compared the EWS. It didn't even move!! but it was obviously trying to move, lights were on too. Took off the bogies and it ran beautifully, but both bogies were jammed. On examination quite a few of the gears had missing teeth and the some gear teeth were jamming in the bogies, most strange, this was one I hadn't run in, and is I believe out of warranty now. Spares don't seem to be available from DCC yet. I have lots of Dapol loco's and have never had a gear problem before, so to get two failures on one loco does seem strange. Just reporting it for feedback. I might see if I can get another 56 as spares if Dapol have any left.
    Have stripped both bogies and they each contain 7 gear wheels, a 20/12T at the top, then a 24T (both have a tooth missing), then a triple arrangement of 14/10/10T both ok, then a double 8T all four with teeth missing and one damaged centre wheel gear on the axle.
    Have looked through all DCC spares and the variety of gears is amazing!! Only possible match found is the class 58 also has a 24T gear, but it may not be the same. I have no idea how this could have happened. Any suggestions?
    Last edited by Arthur Hodgett; 12 October 2017, 17:44. Reason: Thought I would investigate further whilst waiting to hear from DCC if they happen to have a couple of spare bogies or spare gears.

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    Hi Arthur, my apologies for this. Drop me an email with what you need and I will take a look to see if we have anything here

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    • Arthur Hodgett
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      Thanks Joel for all your help, much appreciated. I look forward to receiving the bogies.

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    Thanks again Joel for your help, have arrived back from hols to find two bogies, so I have a lovely working class 56 again.


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      There’s a happy ending!
      Good customer service right there.