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  • Case For More Green 52's

    Hi Joel & Team Dapol, I would like to put forward the case for a few ? more green SYP Westerns. As far as I know only 7 were turned out like this, you've already done one D1038 "Sovereign" and Farish have done D1035 "Yeoman" so i'll list for you in decending order of the remaining 5 including time in service in G-SYP (years/months) :- D1037 "Empress" 4year 4 month, D1036 "Emperor" 4Year 2 month, D1003 "Pioneer" 3Year 6month, D1002"Explorer" 3Year 1month, D1004 "Crusader" 2Year 8month.

    Plus if you add on the popularity of people asking for Desert Sand & Golden Ochre,, a good case for a re-run I hope, added to next 18 Imperium DCC and sound as an add on feature BONUS!!!