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Class 50s attend SVR class 50 gala (4th-6th Oct)

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  • Class 50s attend SVR class 50 gala (4th-6th Oct)

    The decorated samples arrived earlier this week. This was not without a little last minute drama; typhoon Mangkhut passed directly over the factory badly damaging the materials and sample store, however, as luck would have it all materials for the class 50s had been transferred to the model-makers workshop only the day before!
    Due the the inevitable disruption the samples are not finished to the usual standard as some spray-masks etc. were lost. I am very grateful to our team in the factory for getting the samples to us in time for the gala under stressful circumstances!

    For those able to attend the gala, all 7 models (including the 3 special editions) are currently on display on the Class 50 Alliance stand at the Severn Valley Railways Class 50 gala for the next 3 days.
    Some photos have been posted below for those unable to attend.
    Special editions:
    50 049 'Defiance' Large logo blue Class 50 Fund special. Reserve via the FiftyFundStore
    50 015 'Valiant' Engineers 'Dutch' DCC Supplies Special. Reserve via
    50 007 'Sir Edward Elgar' Dapol Collectors Club special. Reserve via Dapol collectors-club-shop

    Dapol Staff Member

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    Looking very good.

    I do see 50040 twice.
    I don't see 50049.



    • Andy Dapol
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      Why don't they design forum interfaces for people in a rush? - All fixed, sorry folks.

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    Looks incredible Andy Dapol , And as per Michel above, 50040 has been posted twice.
    Jeremiah Bunyan...


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      These look very nice indeed. However, I hope you don't mind me mentioning the few things that jumped out at me when I first saw the pictures.

      50015: The BR double arrow and numbers are on the wrong ends. The bodyside grey goes up too high around the cabside windows.
      50007: The orange cantrail stripe looks too thick. The green comes down too far above the cab front windows.
      50040: Roof grey looks too dark and there is some yellow missing above the black cab front windows.

      I know Andy wrote that the samples were not finished to the usual standard so all these things that I have mentioned may well be a result of that. But just in case they aren't, I hope they can be changed before production. In the interests of balance, I think the 50037 and 50049 models look spot on, and I am very much looking forward to getting the eight that I have ordered.


      • Andy Dapol
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        Thanks for your comments, they're appreciated and is the purpose of [publicising] decorated samples - we can check paint mixes and other details are correct before production starts. The finish issues I referred to are mainly overspray, but there are some other items which have been hand painted, rather than using the production spray masks (which blew away!).

        50015: Numbers/arrows agreed and noted - thanks! I'll check grey panel against references.
        50007: I'll check this, I remember being a little indecisive about some detail here whilst I was drawing the artwork The cantrail maybe a result of hand-painting , but again I shall check this also.
        50040: Agreed, roof is too dark (a paint shade error I think) and I'll re-check the cab windows.
        Last edited by Andy Dapol; 4 October 2018, 18:43. Reason: It's been a long day!

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      Thanks for replying Andy. It's great that there is this facility to get involved and pass on comments directly to you.


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        A couple of other things have occurred to me since looking at these pictures. On the 50043 model, the multiple working jumper cable boxes appear to be correct, but on the other models, they aren’t. The smaller box closer to the headlight should be higher than the other box. Also, on all of the models with them, the multiple working socket to the right of the headlight doesn’t look like it’s the right shape at all. Hopefully, these can be looked at before production starts?


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        A few more things for 50007 grey roof should be black and stops on the ribs at each end, only has the one grey section of roof panel, cantrail between cab rain strips is approx twice thickness (bottom of cantrail level with top of cabside windows). Difficult to see is the LA on the lower cab end to close to the nose end and is the bodyside transfers (orange/black) to long should stop before grills (could do with a side on picture both sides if possible).

        Nice to see 50037, does represents the Doncaster version of original NSE (roof line white stripe, blue cab door window and thicker grey lower bodyside stripe).

        50015 as raised above the grey bodyside stops at the bottom of the cab side window and runs full length at that height, arrows and numbers wrong ends.



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          Looking at the front of the fifty is the lip below the window straight across or does it taper down?



          • JeremiahBunyan
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            It has a curve, but just not as accurate as it should be.

          • Richard Dallimore
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            JeremiahBunyan would you like to back this up, that it is not accurate, a 50mm rise (at the centre) on the real loco equates to 0.33mm on the model at 1/148. it would have to be a big curve on the real loco to be truly visible in this scale. A few don't seem to understand scale and its consequences, as you scale down curves they can quickly appear to flatten out, I would not be surprised if this in fact over scale to make it show up as a curve to the naked eye. I know that the fifty fund was consulted and advice sort on this model during development. When I looked at the models, all be it through glass or perspex display case I thought the shape of the front looked very good compared to the really ones out side.

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          Not sure the BR double arrow logos are correct on 50 043. I thought the double arrows were all moved to the centre of the bodyside when they changed to TOPS numbers as shown in this picture from 1978. When the class 50 were named the double arrow moved to the right hand end only


          • Crooked Spire
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            Also the above picture shows the orange MU squares which are not on the livery sample.