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  • Class 50 Artwork

    The 1st drafts of our N gauge Class 50 model are now complete.
    Please Note:

    Dapol Staff Member

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    Nice to see the 50 progressing.

    Out of curiosity, what criteria do you use for selecting a particular locomotive in a particular livery?.... because, if you produced the early NSE liveried example as 50017 Royal Oak, then you would appeal to those modelling 80s/90s SW region, plus those modelling the current era, as it is a preserved mainline-certified loco (geographically widespread) - you appeal to TWO groups of modellers and thus more chance of selling all of the stock of the NSE example....

    I can’t think of any logical rationale for producing 50037 rather than 50017....

    Just saying.


    • Andy Dapol
      Andy Dapol commented
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      Good question! The livery/running number selections were done sometime ago before I joined the company, so I'm unable to justify the selections. We did however review the liveries and made a decision to honour the original announcements, as these had been published in previous catalogues and a number of pre-orders had been received from dealers across all part numbers (and hence we did not wish to disappoint).
      We shall be working on future liveries early after release of this batch and I hope choices will please all. Suggestions such as you make are very useful in this process.
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    • JR_P
      JR_P commented
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      Thanks Andy Dapol - well I’d be happy for 50017 Royal Oak in original NSE in a subsequent batch.

      I dare say that later NSE livery should also be considered for another Cl 50 running number, since it is the later NSE livery on the mk2a coaches that the other lot produce.

      I have a soft spot for NSE livery from a nostalgic perspective, as that was what I grew up riding into London in my youth - always happy to buy NSE, but I have to justify it as a charter.

    • Andy Dapol
      Andy Dapol commented
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      Hi, Yes, most definitely. I suggest that we will announce the new liveries about this time next year, so please keep the suggestions coming! I can't promise we will do them all, but there will always be further releases.

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    This looks very promising. I still haven't gotten down to placing my order for the Collector's Club edition, I will do so on Monday. Looking forward to it and as far as I can tell there's no such errors but a person more qualified than me on the Class 50 can provide better feedback.

    Sorry to be a pest though, but can we have images of the artwork of the individual locos? Even when opened up to it's full size, the images are still a wee bit blurred.
    Jeremiah Bunyan...


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      Comment from RMWeb by Western Aviator " I’ve just realised that the large logo model has an NSE flash between the marker lights on one end. As it will also carry the original Leviathan nameplates rather than the later Centurion nameplates, I wonder if the loco ever ran like that in reality. In all the pictures I’ve seen, by the time the NSE flashes were added, 40 was already renamed Centurion. In its later years as Leviathan, it ran with the numbers “50040” between the marker lights."

      I think it might be wise to remove this NSE flash as it prolongs the life of that loco
      Named: 15/09/1978 Unnamed: 05/07/1987 with flash possible a few months in 1987 at best.


      • Andy Dapol
        Andy Dapol commented
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        Hi Richard,
        Thanks for passing this on. Its a good observation actually and a good example of where sometimes compromise can be used to advantage.
        I do have at least one photo which shows Leviathan with the flash, there are a number of photos captioned 'Leviathan', but in fact the loco is 50040 with 'Centurion' plates (simply spotted due to the addition of the crest/badge above and centred on, the nameplate), so the waters are, until definitive information is revealed, most definitely muddy!
        Therefore on reflection, leaving the NSE flash off is a good plan, since its the work of seconds to add this thanks to the good folk at Railtec et-al.