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  • Collectors Club Reopening

    Hi all @ Dapol

    Due to the recent pandemic understandably the collectors club was forced to close down however with a glimmer of light now emerging at the (dare I say it) end of the tunnel (yep I said it) is there any hope of a reopening of said club in the foreseeable future maybe with new limited exclusives and all the benefits of being a club member as we had before :-)

    PS to all fellow model railway fans now that I have gained your attention please like this post to add a little encouragement and support to all the dapol staff who worked throughout this pandemic and to try and improve our hobby that we love

    kind regards Boyo

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    Thanks for the encouraging message Boyo1234. The club situation remains under review by our marketing dept. who, I'm sure will take your comments into consideration in any decisions they may make.

    Dapol Staff Member


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      Hi All

      Wow 4 likes (that's almost viral) Well First of all I would like to thank my manager and my parents (god rest um) also of course my wife and family without whom none of this newfound fame would be possible and yes dear members I am kidding. but all jokes aside like in life you only get out of it what your prepared to put into it gang so lets try to get some more momentum on the collectors club likes double figures before xmas maybe fingers crossed and thank you for your time