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Dapol announces a second run of their N gauge Class 50

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  • Dapol announces a second run of their N gauge Class 50

    A new batch of N gauge Class 50s has been announced, check out the details here...
    Jeremiah Bunyan...

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    Very excited by the ltd editions too valiant/Thunderer will be a good pairing. And 149 is my favourite...033 will help the c50a and then there is 18. NSE and all in all it’s going to be an expensive get saving.


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      And now the Kernow GBRf duo.


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        Really pleased to see 50149 in Railfreight triple grey. Any chance you could review the colours used, as the shades used on past triple grey locos don’t quite seem right?


        • JeremiahBunyan
          JeremiahBunyan commented
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          It looked fine on the N gauge Class 58s, but since then all other N gauge locos carrying a triple grey livery seem to have the shade of light grey wrong. It's a very weird greenish grey.

          I do hope it's sorted out as I have the RfD Class 50 on pre-order.

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        Morning all..

        I see the GBRF 50s have been seen in painted samples, when are we likely to see them on the Kernow shelves..



        • Joel Dapol
          Joel Dapol commented
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          We are scheduled for a summer delivery around August I would estimate.

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        That’s good to have a rough idea. Things are expensive and pre-orders are tricky when you hear nothing and then everything turns up at once.


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          I'm really looking forward to 50149 Defiance. I'm sure you are aware, but the nameplates should be yellowm and the bodyside grills should be executive dark grey.

          Also, the sector logo on Defiance looks a bit too large The last row of blocks should be just above the start of the tumblehome.
          The BR blue on 50008 and 50046 look a little dark? Could just be the lighting though?

          Hopefully these can be corrected prior to production? I'm planning on getting Defiance, Ajax and DCC Supplies Ltd Edition Thunderer.
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