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HST-P Opening Post:

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  • Andy Dapol
    commented on 's reply
    Hi Arthur, thanks for your comments. I've replied a little more fully in your other post in the main part of the topic.

  • Arthur Hodgett
    Absolutely brilliant, far far better than I had ever hoped, but by buying both sets of engines two possible trains WOW!
    I did think with it being the 40th anniversary of the HST this year we may have got the very first set without the cowl on top, black inset on the 125 and even two buffets with correct nomenclature even if the wrong design of buffet coaches. I still would like it though, no tooling just livery changes.
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  • Andy Dapol
    started a topic HST-P Opening Post:

    HST-P Opening Post:

    Dapol are producing an N Gauge version of the HST-P in conjunction with the Miller Project.
    This model will be available by pre-registration directly from Dapol only. Profits will be donated to Project Miller.

    In response to feedback received after our initial announcement we are now producing the model as separate packs and making the power cars available as a twin pack, although this change has adversly affected the overall price of the set due to packaging costs.

    The specification of the model is:

    Power cars:
    • Operating lighting (inclusive of rear lamp, which can be overridden by a switch)
    • Flush Glazing
    • Highly detailed body, chassis and bogies.
    • NEM coupling pockets with Rapido and Ezi-shunt magnetic couplings inclusive.
    • DCC Ready (6 pin)
    • All wheel pick-up
    • Super-creep motor (Dummy car is un-motorised)
    • Available as two-car sets (1 x Motorised & 1 x Dummy)
      • 2D-xxx-xxx Power Car Pack 1: Prototype passenger livery (DMBs: 41001 & 41002)
      • 2D-xxx-xxx Power Car Pack 2: Departmental (overall yellow ends DMBs: 975812 & 975813)

    • New Tooling
      • Recessed door handles
      • Without window bezels
      • Loco-Hauled type roof
      • Without CDL indicator blister
      • Buffers
    • Light-bar ready
    • Fitted pickups
    • NEM Coupling pockets
    • Accessory pack.
    • Available as 2 x 4 car sets
      • 2P-xxx-xxx Contents: 2 x TF (11000, 11001) and 2 x TS (12000, 12001)
      • 2P-xxx-xxx Contents: 2 x TF (11002, 11003) and 2 x TS (12002, 12003)

    Catering Vehicles:
    We have examined the possibility closely of producing the catering vehicles, and have taken the decision to produce these as a separate 2 car pack based on our existing Mk3 catering car and decorated in matching HST-P livery, but without any tooling modifications.Therefore the catering pack will be:
    • Dapol Mk3 Buffet car in matching HST-P livery
    • Lightbar ready
    • 2P-005-xxx 2 car Buffet Pack
      • 10000 as Trailer Buffet (TRSB)
      • 10100 as Trailer Kitchen (TRUK)

    Therefore in order to own a full HST-P set you will need the following:
    1 x 2D-xxx-xxx (Power cars)
    1 x 2P-xxx-xxx (Saloon pack 1)
    1 x 2P-xxx-xxx (Saloon pack 2)
    1 x 2P-xxx-xxx (Buffet pack)
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