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Prototype and Production MK3 Trailer Questions

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  • Andy Dapol
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    Producing additional roofs is part of the plan. - How do 5 & 10 packs sound?

  • RailGooner
    Originally posted by Arthur Hodgett View Post
    I wonder if the Dapol Mk 3 enthusiasts could get together to buy in bulk complete unpainted Mk 3 coaches for use with vinyls? ...
    I'd support this. I might actually make some progress with my NR-NMT rake if I could start with unpainted coaches. I'm not looking forward to a weekend with the nail polish remover and an electric toothbrush.
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  • Arthur Hodgett
    I wonder if the Dapol Mk 3 enthusiasts could get together to buy in bulk complete unpainted Mk 3 coaches for use with vinyls? There is obviously !!! going to be a run of lots of coaches shortly of each type. Paintstripping is a pain and coaches are fairly easily damaged. Or would it be better and cheaper from Dapol's point of view to sell sprues, I don't know, happy either way if Dapol are willing and there is a demand?

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  • Arthur Hodgett
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    I would be very happy to pre-order and pre-pay for these roofs, especially if in packs of 10, as hopefully in packs of this size they will be cheaper and delivery hopefully will also be this year. Where can I pay!!

  • mike
    I agree with Dave that it would be great to have replacement roofs made available for those of us with existing LH Mk3s to replace the roof with the correct air-con set up.

    Cheers, Mike

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  • CaleyDave
    started a topic Prototype and Production MK3 Trailer Questions

    Prototype and Production MK3 Trailer Questions

    Excited about the Prototype HST project and given my love of the MK3's I may just have to get a complete set.

    Originally posted by Andy Dapol View Post
    Coaches:[*]New Tooling
    • Recessed door handles
    • Without window bezels
    • Loco-Hauled type roof
    • Without CDL indicator blister
    • Buffers
    [*]Light-bar ready[*]Fitted pickups[*]NEM Coupling pockets[*]Accessory pack.[*]Available as 2 x 4 car sets
    I have a few questions regarding the future of the Prototype MK3 tooling.


    After production of the prototype HST coaches do you intend to for future batches of MK3A coaches to use the new "Loco-Hauled type roof"?


    Alternatively or in addition do you intend to release the "Loco-Hauled type roof" separately at all for modelers who wish to fit the correct roofs to your current range of MK3's?
    For example to give those who purchased a production run which is unlikely to be repeated such as the C&M Models commissioned Scotrail coaches the correct MK3A roof's (Having personally missed this commission would love for a repeat)


    Finally has any thought been given to the prototype MK3s converted to HST stock and still in use today?
    It could be a opportunity to release the prototype coaches in a few more colours before the tooling is changed.
    If viable potentially more suited to a collectors club or commissioned Model with a low number produced.

    5 of the prototype coaches were converted in 1982 into HST TF. According to the 2016 Platform 5 Book all 5 are still in service today.

    1 No 2 No 1986 ... 2016
    FO TF TF ...
    11002 - 41001 - 41170 ... 41170 TF East Coast
    11003 - 41002 - 41174 ... 42357 TS East Coast
    SO TS TF ...
    12000 - 42000 - 41172 ... 42355 TS East Coast
    12002 - 42001 - 41171 ... 42353 TS Great Western
    12003 - 42002 - 41173 ... 42356 TS Great Western

    Currently (today, 2016) these coaches have new style doors and CDL indicators whilst retaining the Loco-Hauled type roof and Bezel-less windows Loco-Hauled type roof with Virgin Cross Country and East Coast. The Great Wester example appear to have had further modifications made to them.
    I have not found Pictures of these in their BR days so don't know which doors they had then.

    Probably not be a worth while project but if there is an opportunity to sell a few more coaches before the costly Tooling changes (which wont be possible after) I am sure some people (Possibly accountants and MK3 fanatics) happier .

    Thanks David.