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New Hymek Liveries?

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    Here's another of my images of D7051 in blue window surrounds and small yellow panel.
    Hymek liveries have been discussed on RMweb
    A polite request though, earlier in this thread one of my images was posted without reference. I'm quite happy for them to be here but please state the source, I've paid a lot for copyright slides, I'm sure everyone understands this.
    nice to see a directly interacting forum between a manufacturer and its customer base.


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      Hi Joel and friends.
      Any progress on your thoughts for new liveries on the Hymek?


      • Joel Dapol
        Joel Dapol commented
        Editing a comment
        Hi Bob, we should have the final list sorted in the next few days and will post the models on our website and here.

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      I see that Rails are listing two new Hymeks for forthcoming release:

      2D-018-007 D7003 Two Tone Green BR Late Crest
      2D-018-008 D7043 Two Tone Green BR Late Crest SWP

      Any confirmation and delivery dates please Dapol?


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        I see Dapol has advertised a new set of liveries in the NGS magazine this month, for release in May/June.
        I am a little disappointed that at least one of the chromatic blue ones has been done before.

        2D-018-007 D7003 in two tone green with no yellow panel. Well done. This will get ordered.
        2D-018-008 D7043 in two tone green with small yellow panel. Yet another standard hymek livery. I have enough of those.
        2D-018-009 D7007 in BR blue with small yellow panel. We have not seen any livery renditions of this model, but quite a few of us told Dapol on the Digest that this was produced without the white window frames, so can we get a livery update please, to confirm the white window frames will be absent?
        2D-018-010 D7036 in BR blue with small yellow panel/white window frames. Unfortunately this is a replicate of the limited edition of 150 produced for Kernow in 2008, and Dapol has been told by a fair few of us that they could have also done D7047 or D7056 in this livery.

        And the blue ones were originally a slightly different shade, sometimes described as chromatic blue, not BR blue. So I wont be pre-ordering until I have seen the colour in photographs at least, as they are described as BR blue.

        Come on folks. We are here to help, not hinder. I have already sent back my Gaugemaster Broadlands for the wrong livery and front light being present when it shouldn't be on that model. I don't want to do that again.



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          I missed the Kernow D7036 so very glad to hear of its re-birth; also D7003 most welcome. Both ordered from my usual source.


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            Looking forward to the next batch. I’ve pre ordered a green one with full yellow ends as I haven’t got one of those. I get the impression that the new batch are very close to being available. Is that correct?