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    Any plans to re-release any Class 153 or Class 156 models in Northern liveries to coincide with the arrival of the Class 142's?

    I'd recommend the following as a good set of choices which would pair up nicely with the 142's.

    156440 in debranded 'old' Northern livery (still carrying as of November 2018)
    156461 in 'new' Northern livery (first unit repainted - circa March 2017)
    153330 in debranded Northern livery

    Images below (not mine)

    Class 156: 156440 Northern Blackpool North by emdjt42, on Flickr

    Class 156471 ( 5Z42 ) by Liam Blundell Photography, on Flickr

    Northern - 153330 by David Hancox, on Flickr

    Would pair up nicely in model form!

    Northern Railway 142079 & 156438 at Swalwell Junction 28/4/17 by CraigPatrick24, on Flickr

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    Of the models which Dapol produce, I think the only ones which are receiving new Northern livery are the 156s - the others are due to go off-lease in due course.

    The other classes of DMU staying are 150, 155, 158. These are being joined by the ex-Scotrail 170s (some of which are in use, and a number of them carry the new livery), plus the new 195s being built at present.


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      Digging up my own very old thread here... is there an eta for the Northern 156 currently scheduled for release (the Ravenglass liveried one)?