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Imperium N18 cv settings for class 43 sets

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  • Imperium N18 cv settings for class 43 sets

    Am I missing something?
    I have Imperium N18 decoders in my class 43 HST. Programming each end seperately (Z21 Black on program track), one end I have changed CV29 to 1 to reverse the direction of the motor set but the lights dont switch over as well? ie running “forward” displays red lights, backwards, display headlights…so I have either rwo sets of front lights or two sets of rear lights showing when in formation…I thought cv29 would switch the F0 operation of the ligljts as well? I have tried swapping cvs 33 (default 1 to 2) and 34 (daufault 2 to 1) but that makes no difference..

    I know I could swap the bookends over, and revert cv29=0, but it will be the only loco on the layout that needs to be selected in reverse to run forward!

    I have reser both decoders (cv8=4 and cv30=4) checked decoder not locked, coded dummy decoder in motor unit to get read/feedback and swapped to dummy..

    Was running ok…but I then wanted to program another Function to display just red lights when stabled.(switch off F0, switch on F1 for example) but havent succeeded on this set as yet

    Any dcc cv whiz’s out there that can help me please?

    and apologies if in wrong topic area…could find a dapol decoder thread !



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    I'd set the Power Car first, setting CV29 to either 1 or 0 to get the lights working in the right direction, then do the same for the Dummy...or am I missing something?


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      Hi pdavies
      If I'm correct, you have a powered unit at both ends? The model is wired so that a non-powered (dummy) car has the lights wired so default decoder settings operate as expected.

      With two powered cars, this would not be the case and CV29 only controls the motor direction, it does not also reverse the 'direction' settings for lights. (This is the NMRA standard operation).
      To achieve what you are aiming for, you need to swap the values of CVs 49 & 50.
      • CV49 controls lighting effect and directional operation for forward headlight (White wire).
      • CV50 controls lighting effect and directional operation for reverse light (Yellow wire)
      • Value 0 is on forward selection
      • Value 16 is on reverse selection
      Assuming these are at default settings, change CV 49 to 16 (it should be 0 by default) and CV 50 to 0 (It should be 16). If you have added dimming or another 'feature' then the correct values will be different, in which case add or subtract 0 or 16 from the value.

      Hope this helps.
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        Thanks Vonzack and Andy... No you are not missing anything. Andy is right - I was running two power cars on a rake and have recently gone back to power car and dummy unit to run two separate sets..and yes!.. I now see that the wiring is swapped on the Dummy unit Andy!.. All sorted and I have also managed to set cv34 to 25 to allow the rear lamps to operate together on F2.. so F0 on for running and F0 off/F2 on for when in the depot/sidings!.. Thanks for your help and assistance! (haven't explored dimming..yet!)


        • Andy Dapol
          Andy Dapol commented
          Editing a comment
          HI Paul,
          Glad you've resolved it.