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  • HST Exploded Diagrams

    I was a bit apprehensive about buying a new HST as I cannot get spares for the originals yet, but in the end I succumbed. To my delight it contained a lot of exploded parts diagrams but no legend or list, so I've had a bash which I'll upload (I assume this may need moderator approval). Please feel free to correct it or add to it as a resource, but maybe Dapol already have one ready to release. I just hope some of these parts become available soon. If possible it would be good to know what the variants are, for example I need the lights PCB, but which variant, I'm not sure. It shows 4 body variants, I assume again this is before livery, Guessing, they are early with guards window, late without, NR Measurement train and Grand Central with buffers? Maybe for the next sets to be produced we can ask for, and maybe contribute to a more detailed insert like we got with the 68's.
    I do need moderator approval, so will send it to Neil to see what he thinks.