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Next 18 pcb cab light solder tags

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  • Next 18 pcb cab light solder tags

    Hi all after marvelling over DAPOLS 50s and 68s wonderful array of features regarding extracting every morsel of use out of next 18 chip (sound or nonsound) is there any future plans to upgrade the current next 18 pcb's used on the newer 26s/27s & 33s so as to add additional solder tags to utilize the f3 & f4 for cab lights without having to fit and rewire a completely new pcb . I notice some models (my 66) come with tags for speaker hook ups but as yet not seen any tags connected to the susi clock and data ports on the decoders. I might be wrong but if certain cv's are adjusted there's just enough oomph in them to light a cab up or high intensity light without too much difficulty . kind regards boyo

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    HI Boyo1234 , Its a great idea and we will be adding these kind of features wherever possible. The problem is that features such as SUSI and clock outputs etc. are not supported by all brands of decoder, also sometimes we are space limited. This means that not every feature will appear on every loco, but we will try to place pads where possible during future updates.

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      Hi Andy Dapol

      Thank you for your positive comments and looking forward to adding 33056 Burma Star to the fleet along with 33107 also

      Many thanks Boyo (aka an Andrew too)


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