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  • Dummys

    I know there has been significant discussion re the relative cost of Dummy locos, but they are really useful especially for classes where double heading or top and tail working is common such as 33's. I also appreciate having a range of dummy locos in different liveries might create to much of a range to manage, but have Dapol considered offering body shells and chassis (powered and dummy) separately, even if only through selected suppliers?
    With 66 & 67s I have bought several Dummy locos via ebay then purchased different livery/numbered bodies via DCC Supplies before selling the original bodies, but it would be great to have the option of buying dummies for other classes. It seems almost criminal to buy complete locos then rip the motors and gearing out to create a dummy.

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    The recent 67 releases seemed a great opportunity for dummies - Royal,Colas, Pullman. I’m pretty sure if it could be profitable then it would be done.