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    well 33030 arrived from Hattons today and all looks good - will get a test on the office model later. no issues with paint work, maybe a slight bleed above cab windows but not a problem to wail and nash over. certainly blue and yellow look right and typeface much better than on one or two models years back. certainly chassis looks the part.


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      Originally posted by newportnobby View Post
      I took delivery of my green SYP version yesterday and almost returned it thinking the rear lights didn't work. Thankfully someone on the N gauge forum put me right. I knew there was a switch somewhere but just couldn't see it and there was no mention in the instructions. Can I ask if there is any reason not to fit headcodes as Farish did, as instead we have 2 very brightly lit rectangles? Now to the worst bit in my opinion - the noise. I ran it in for the recommended period each way and it was still this noisy..............

      This morning I have run it for another half hour in each direction and the whine has not abated.
      Sorry to be negative but, having the old Farish one, I am starting to wonder why I spent over £100.
      My replacement 33 arrived this morning so I placed it on the layout, turned on my trusty Morley Vortrack and thought the retailer had sent the same one back as it whined again! I let it run for ½ an hour in each direction, pulled the bogies off, very lightly lubed the gears and the worms and ran it for another 10 minutes in each direction with the following result.........

      However, it is getting quieter very, very gradually so I guess it's going to be here for the long haul.
      No issues with the paint job either

      To be fair, it's not much worse than my 3 x class 22s, 2 x class 26s and 3 x class 52s. I hate to say it (especially here) but all my Dapol locos, steam or diesel, are noisier than my Farish ones. Sorry! I'll go and wash my mouth out now.


      • Joel Dapol
        Joel Dapol commented
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        I think you have been unlucky by the sounds of it (sorry) I personally see little difference over the rangse between us and GF. I saw lots of Class 33's being tested and they were all quiet and smooth.

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      Happy with my plain green 33/0, which I picked up at the Great Electric Train Show. It looks good and runs well, I hope the Class 50s are as good when they arrive.


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        Hi Crooked Spire, (re your post #11,first image) hope the following is of use too you and others Re roof/Exhaust details. (2 links following)the first is for "Crompton Models". May be of some use,otherwise try then >modelling>Reviews (Select) Heljan Class 33---scroll down to image3(as built-I believe it's called) and image4 modified roof(33/0) bear in mind this is Heljan 2nd attempt to get this right) hope this is of use/helpful and not muddied the water too much!!!


        Chris Newman


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        Hello all at Dapol,

        Very impressed with the 33.
        My two different green ones run and look great.
        I picked up 33103 in Dutch yesterday, again looks great, runs well and prefer this one as the rear blinds are illuminated.
        However it sits with a really prounced lean, green ones are fine.
        It looks like there is a bow in the underframe on one side.
        The shop I brought it from will be getting it returned for replacement, so I'm sure it will end up back with you soon.




        • JeremiahBunyan
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          I've seen a few samples of a Class 33 with a curved chassis. IIRC check the Hornby Magazine review...

        • Andy Dapol
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          Curved 'chassis' Check the fit of the chassis plate in the body. The front/rear is a tight fit and has a rebate, this is sometimes not fitted correctly and will be forced downwards creating a curve. If this is this is the issue its a simple re-fit to the body.

        • Keith Ware
          Keith Ware commented
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          Hi Joel,
          It was from Haslington Models. The ends of the chassis plate looks like it is fitted correctly and the bow is just off centre. It's as if the chassis is too long for the body!
          The pictures of 33103 on the Hattons web site show it also.


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC08731.jpg
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Size:	109.1 KB
ID:	3530 Oh dear! I think I have found the Cromptons' Achillees' Heel (or is it the Achillees buffer?)

        I was getting inside a Crompton to fit some alternative blinds to the headcodes (see next post for details) and when I reassembled the chassis, I noticed a small round thing lying on my workbench.
        This thing turned out to be a buffer!

        I thought we had moved onto brass turned buffers for strength a long time ago.
        Is the Crompton buffer plastic? If it is, it would seem to be quite a vulnerable item.
        And can I have a replacement buffer please?. I don't want to drill it out and fit an old Farish one!

        Best regards
        Distressed of Melton Mowbray.
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC08730.jpg
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Size:	140.7 KB
ID:	3532

          And now some good news.

          A firm called Model Transport Graphics which can be contacted at [email protected] sold me some self-adhesive class 73 headcodes (designed to go on the outside of the 73), but I reckoned I could use them behind the glass on the 33 too.

          Remove the body, ensuring you don't short any diodes or break any buffers.
          Ease a nail along the sides of the cab mouldings to free them at the sides and then ease a nail into the front to pull the red lenses clear of the cab front. Don't worry if they break off inside the body - they still work afterwards!
          With the cab units clear, cut out the self-adhesive headcodes and stick them on the two lenses. Don't worry they will still be plenty bright enough shining through the card.
          Reassemble with care.
          Tear up your warranty, and be happy that you have headcodes!
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            My locomotive arrived today, it's an excellent model.. however there's a few niggles. Firstly on running the locomotive I realized that it was running in the opposite direction of power, having had a similar issue with one of your 56's I knew the problem, the DCC blanking chip was upside down, however I found it very difficult to access with the under frame coming off far too easily I got there eventually though and turning the chip over to 'top' solved it.

            Secondly, the separate etched BR plaques are a great idea.. but why aren't the nameplates and depot plaques separate? It doesn't make it very easy for those that want to re-number them, or have them in late 1990s condition without nameplates. Glue marks aren't that easy to hide.

            Other than that, the locomotive runs very well, and looks superb. Another top job Dapol.


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              My Rail blue 33/1 arrived earlier in the week and very nice it is too but there are a couple of minor issues.

              In addition to the yellow over blue issue with the cab edges the MU jumper recepts are picked out in orange. They should be yellow....would have saved Dapol some pennies as the extra paint isn't needed. The bag of bits contains the rubbing plates for the class 33/1. The instructions say they should be mounted into the openings at the top of the buffer beam. The problem is that there aren't any openings to fit it to. I guess the rubbing plates are made from Delron a flexible plastic which is almost impossible to glue to anything.


              • Bob G
                Bob G commented
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                I have to say my yellow ends are pretty crisp, so this must be a batch or individual issue.
                I have not tried fitting my rubbing plates yet, so cannot comment on this.
                About to try a chassis swap as I blew the diodes on one chassis after 5 minutes trying to remove the body, and I don't need red headcodes in reverse at all when running the 33/1. Will let you know if it works. I have got to that age when I cannot be bothered to return something!

              • Crepello
                Crepello commented
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                Yes acg is right about the yellow mu sockets. (confirmed from Rail Portfolios 6--The Cromptons.) Painting orange is an easy mistake as the 33/1s must have been the only class to have them in yellow.

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              I found this new livery for a 33/1....never knew this livery was done to a 33/1.


              Its definitely not 1975 as at that time anything other than all over blue was frowned upon (except at Stratford ER, who started doing their Stratford specials with silver roofs mid 1970s).

              I would say this was a short-term experiment around the time the others were repainted (1980-81). I have never seen another photo of 33117 in this livery, so its pretty rare!



              • Jeff Eastmond
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                I think the apparent 'silver' roof is a trick of the light - I can't see the jagged edge where the side turns over into the roofline being accepted by the powers-that-be if they saw such shoddy finishing out of the paint shop at Eastleigh...

              • JeremiahBunyan
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                It looks like BR Blue with a full yellow ends...

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              You are absolutely correct. Mea culpa. Too much Christmas spirit perhaps?


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                Hi Joel and friends
                Any update on the next batch of 33s to be produced...and the batch after that perhaps? My wallet has recovered from the first binge. Thank you.


                • Joel Dapol
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                  Hi Bob, not just yet, Andy is working on the next batch now and we will post details when finalised.

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                As a suggestion West Coast maroon and a small yellow panel BR green but with the original exhaust setup may both be popular



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                  Just a quick "THANKYOU" to all the team at Dapol for the class 33. Got my first one yesterday and now trying to get the pennies together for three more! Fantastic little loco!



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                    I was wondering how much of a challenge it is for you to make the 33/2 Slim Jims? History tells us that it was an expensive venture on the real life versions. It must be the finest of reductions at N gauge!


                    • Joel Dapol
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                      Hi Andy, a massive challenge if your starting point was one of our Class 33/0 or 1's. If we were to model it for distribution, it would be a new body and chassis which makes it unfeasible in light of how many we would likely sell, sorry :-(