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Dapol Class 142 - Batch 2 Announced

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  • Dapol Class 142 - Batch 2 Announced

    Dapol have announced their 2nd batch of Class 142s. They are due in Q1 2021.

    2D-142-001/D Northern Rail (de-branded) 142096

    2D-142-002/D Merseyrail 142042

    2D-142-003/D Great Western Chocolate and Cream 142022

    2D-142-004/D Manchester PTE 142001

    2D-142-005/D Provincial 142053

    Apparently artwork is well underway. Hopefully Andy, Joel or Neil will post the artwork here soon.
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    Just wondering if there is any news on how the next batch are progressing. Might they be expected arrive this year? I fully appreciate that we live in strange times and that things get delayed. It’s just that it would be useful to get some idea of expected arrival in order to help planning of when to buy what.


    • Joel Dapol
      Joel Dapol commented
      Editing a comment
      Hello Yes, they are well underway and we have just received the decorated samples. Once we have reviewed these we will publish some photos. delivery should be late summer at current lead times, depending on the finding from the sample review. I hope that helps

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    Thanks Joel
    That means I can buy something else this spring and get the sprinter later in the year.