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Dapolclass 121 Lighting Issues, which decoder

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  • Dapolclass 121 Lighting Issues, which decoder

    Hi all

    I see this has been asked before without any solution being offered but thought I would try again

    I have just bought a pair of Class 121's Powered and dummy, both new from different dealers, the powered model has the newer Next18 socket and works fine but with the dummy its obviously older stock as it has a 6 pin socket and with this one I have issues getting the lights to work properly.

    I have tried decoders from Zimo, Gaugemaster, Train-O-Matic and LaisDCC and every one gives a slightly different set of lights

    Zimo, I get directional lights but the headcode LED are so dim as to be no visible once the roof is on

    Gaugemaster I get directional lights and headcode at one end and nothing the other

    Train-O-Matic all lights are on regardless of direction

    LaisDCC similar to the Gaugemaster

    I know this is an old model now but anyone with a 6Pin Dummy with the correct working Head/Tail and headcode lights, what decoder did you use and did you have to change any CV's to get it functioning

    I know Dapol once produced an instruction sheet for this but it was for the OO version so didn't translate to the N-Gauge version

    Thanks if anyone can help with this

    Unfortunately sending it back is not an option as it appears to be the last one in the country so would like to be able to sort this one out.