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Class 121 dummy version what decoder and CV settings needed

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  • Class 121 dummy version what decoder and CV settings needed

    So following on from getting the lights to work correctly on the new Next18 version of the class 121 what are the settings needed to get them working on the older 6pin decoder version using a Dapol Imperium decoder or any other make decoder if they are also known, so that I have head & tail and headcode lights on in the appropriate direction, as they do not work correctly when a decoder is used out of the box so must need the settings adjusted as with the Next18 version.

    thanks for any help with this.

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    Anyone out there?


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      Mine worked out of the box. Lights change with direction of travel and switch on/off with F0

      From comments you have made on another forum you bought your models through ebay and not a Dapol dealer and therefore have no provenance to its history or whether a previous owner changed the wiring or even if it was originally sold cheaply as a NQP


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        Quite possible except they came from recognised dealers sold as new.

        anyway back to the new one, first decoder tried a LaisDCC which Dapol sell as their Imperium, heat tail directional lights worked but not the headcode lights, next decoder tried a Gaugemaster DCC23 head and tail directional liggts worked and headcode light worked but only at the number 1 end when that end is moving forward, i stopped testing at that point as its working enough for me now and didnt want to tempt fate.


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          Have you checked that the pins are making good contact with the socket as there shouldn't be any difference between to two decoders. I tend to put a small kink in the pins to ensure good contact..The dummy I have, I have a LaisDCC 6 pin decoder (860013), and it works fine, although mine is the Blue/Grey version which doesn't have a top headcode light. The front/rear direction lights work correctly

          I've bought a Farish item that was supposedly new from a recognised dealer that definitely was not new and when I complained I got a significant refund. If the dealer had advertised it as like new/nearly new I would still have purchased it at the original price


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            I have just received a new Class 122 dummy. I was going to put a spare LaisDCC 6 pin decoder in it and realised that is doesn't fit the correct way up. On the dummy Class 121 I have I have removed the pins and hard wired it to the circuit board.

            Just wondering if when you were trying the LaisDCC decoder whether you had it the correct way up as this would explain different results between to two decoders you have.


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              yes it was the correct way up, and was a tad too long to fit properly, I had motor control and directional lights which I wouldn't have had it been upside down,