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  • N Signal power supply

    I've seen a few articles where the signal has fried due to power supply. I'm aware that the latest instruction version says smoothed 12v DC or max of 14V AC.

    Will the signals run flawlessly off 9v AC, or is that the minimum power required to move the motor? Or would around smoothed 10V DC actually be better and safer for the electrics?

    Power supply box

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    Hi Mark Ellis ,
    I'm not sure which type of signal you are referring to,when you mention 'frying', this has been the single arm models in the past. The main reason for this is not using an smoothed and regulated power supply (i.e. just a transformer/capacitor, as shown in your photo.). However, the single arm have been improved some time ago to reduce this issue, Servo signals also have this protection. Supplying 9 VAC might be a little low, especially if it is not a dedicated supply, but try it, neither voltage will harm the signals. Mostly it is the intensity of the back-light that will vary.

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      In the picture on the original post, the two transformers on the left are Kent Panel Control 9v AC transformers. They're actually pushing out 9.8v AC. They go through a DC W005M Bridge Rectifier, and then a 100 uf Capacitor. The output is a smoothed 13.1v DC
      Guess I need an L7812 12V voltage regulator as well?

      Rectified and smoothed supply‚Äč
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      • Andy Dapol
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        Looks good Mark. The regulators are always useful (real smooth!), but the issue in the past have been due to spikes, so I think you maybe OK.
        I added a limiting/shunt circuit within the signals a couple of years ago (i.e. any signal that has the new style instructions in the box) this limits the issue of spikes and in testing this has performed well. Reports of electrical faults from customers also reduced to a trickle.

      • Mark Ellis
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        So is that all the modern 2L and 4L items compared to the old Nsign2, etc. What's the "New style" instructions look like