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  • Signal Failures

    Can anybody tell me if anyone is repairing these as I have had 3 fail on me, the latest one going totally dead including light after only 1 hours use



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    I've had in excess of 50% failure rate with these too - 5 have failed over the past 16 months or so. All wired as instructions. Shame as the basic idea of an operating signal is superb, but not robust enough in my opinion.

    Try the n gauge forum for a fix for repairs to them - but you shouldn't need to.

    Focus on Other Dapol products for me - where I have no complaints on QC issues.
    Back to ratio cosmetic signals for me.

    I'll be very wary of the bracket signals until I see reports that they last more than a couple of months.


    Matt Wood


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      Having contacted DCC supplies, I was told

      "Dear Alex,

      Unfortunately we do not repair the Dapol Signals, as the time it takes to repair is more than they are worth. If you signal has failed within 6 months of purchase then you are entitled to a replacement/refund from your retailer, with your proof of purchase."

      This does not help me very much, as I have to cut down the base of the signals to fit the locations I have them in. May I suggest that if the mechanism is so fragile, perhaps a 2 part installation to make maintenance possible without having to uproot the whole item every time something goes wrong, and to make the mechanism a lot more robust.
      Finally, as DCC supplies do not stock spares either, perhaps a "how to dissemble/assemble/fix" page on the technical section of your main website, and to make spare parts available.




      • RailGooner
        RailGooner commented
        Editing a comment
        IMHO the Technical section requires a heap more work. Exploded diagram with parts list for every product, should be the minimum standard. I'd have thought no more than a fortnights work for a skilled CAD draftsman to fill in the blanks. If that meant one or more models were delayed by a fortnight, who'd notice when so many models (especially N models,) are years late.