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    I have written to your spares company DCC, maybe it has got lost, sometimes they do, I don't know. But as yet no reply. I was wondering if Dapol have a spares policy that DCC operate on their behalf, or whether DCC have total responsibility for spare policy? I ask because I have a few needs for HST spares and was wondering what will be the outcome for spares with the latest 5 models in process of being delivered? Will a reasonable number of spares be offered? I don't want to commit myself to more units if I can't get spares for the existing units?
    Couldn't find a way to open a new topic at the main level, hope this one can be moved to a more suitable section. Many thanks in anticipation.

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    Hi I am also having difficulty with getting spares for the class 58 and 66 although I have been informed that they should have the class 66 spares in the next few months it’s a pity that the spares for n gauge is relatively scarce as personally I should be able for to order most spares off the shelf or even from the factory.
    so I sympathise with you totally Arthur getting spares for n gauge is still very hard at present



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      Yes another one here waiting for HST spares, I have four of the existing Units and they are all suffering from motor issues, overheating and very slow running. I approached DCC Supplies a few months ago asking about replacement motors and they told me that spares would arrive with the new models, so they may have some now or shortly.

      Having bought the GNER version of the latest HSTs, the chassis is exactly the same as the previous models.

      Cheers, Mark.