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Standard dapol Rapido Couplers

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  • Standard dapol Rapido Couplers

    Hi Dapol

    Any Chance you could start selling your standard Rapido Couplers on their own

    Long story short, I converted all my rolling stock with Dapols NEM Pockets with the intention of using your Easi Shunt magnetic coupler or your nemcoup, but now find I need to retrofit standard Rapido couplers when my stock is used at exhibitions so they match everyone else's stock

    No problem I thought as They who shall remain nameless (Rimes with Paris) do them in packs of 20, but then I found that all things NEM are not equal, their NEM Rapido Couplers do not fit Dapol NEM pockets, the 2 little pips that hold the coupler in the pocket are smaller than Dapol use so they don't clip in securely.

    So any chance Dapol could make their standard Rapido coupler available to buy in quantity


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    Well after 4 days and no replies from Dapol it would appear that Dapols NEM Rapido style couplings are available from their spears supplier DCCSupplies at £2 for 2 (ouch) Graham Farish manage to sell theirs for £6 for 20, ok they don't fit Dapols NEM pockets but the manufacturing is the same for both, except Dapol must use Gold instead of plastic


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      Elsewhere on the Dapol Digest a member of the Dapol team has explained why the cost differs for such items. Ask Joel Dapol or Neil Dapol as I personally don't remember who had explained it