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Easi Fit Couplings unwanted uncoupling issues

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  • Easi Fit Couplings unwanted uncoupling issues

    Hi all

    Just started using the Easi Fit magnetic couplings on my layout and have a small issue I cant resolve

    Although I can get them to work I have an issue with the coupling always uncoupling when it goes over the magnet, even if i don't want it to, anyone else have this issue and how did you fix it.

    I have tried going faster, I have tried adding weight to the wagons and still they uncouple going over the magnets.

    Starting to think I will need to dig out all the magnets and replace them with electromagnets, although finding some strong enough may be a problem.

    Thanks for any help with this


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    Hi Paul-H,

    Only thing I can think of is that the tension is coming off the couplings when they go over the magnet. Have you tried lightly putting your finger on the wagon and then running it over the magnet, see if it does it then.

    Cheers, Mark.