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Tanktainers, RTR in N

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  • Tanktainers, RTR in N

    Tanktainers: intermodal containers for the transport of liquids, gases and powders as bulk cargo (

    I think a lot of us would welcome a RTR tanktainer in N. Unlike boxes, these tend to be very bespoke and differ greatly with prototype owners interpreting the tank differently while complying with the ISO standards. I for one would be very happy with a generic tanktainer model that was finely detailed - etched walkways, crisp paint, fine decal/tampo printing, etc.

    Rowlie originaly suggested these in post #14 of the thread 'FEA-B Spine wagon re-release'.
    Would it be possible to get another batch of the FEA-B wagons. There hasn't been a run of these wagons for a while and it is now getting extremely difficult to
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    Yep, tank tainers are a winner for me too :-)


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      I've just bought some tank tainer kits from c-rail-intermodal. If my kit building skills turn out to be rubbish, I'll be in the market for some too!
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      C-Rails are complete rtr models


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        C-Rail do a kit which is pretty easy to assemble and with RevolutioN they produced 4 different versions as RTR models.