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Progress on N gauge Cantenary

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  • Progress on N gauge Cantenary

    We are working on the OO versions and have a number of (as yet) unresolved decisions regarding assembly and appearance to make.
    Once we have progressed to production, these principles will be applied to our N Gauge versions.
    To follow the OO development thread click here

    Dapol Staff Member

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    That OO gauge catenary looks wonderful. I shall post my comments and views there.
    Jeremiah Bunyan...


    • Andy Dapol
      Andy Dapol commented
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      Thanks for doing that. The N Gauge versions will follow as closely as possible the final design of the OO, so any comments are best made there.
      Once we start on the N gauge versions, we'll post specific detail here.

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    Hi Andy Dapol As this sticky is now 6 months old, is there any news on whether the rest of the N gauge catenary will be produced - ie the double sided / double armed mast, or the 2/3/4 Span H section gantry ?? I understand that further investment on Dapols behalf is a risk, and have seen the comments on the OO page re 'digging a hole' but it would help us all to 'move on' if we could have a clear indication if this is a non-starter.

    With more and more electric locos being announced, and an upsurge in 'tram' interest there is clearly a huge gap in the market - especially for gantries as the only version available is a brass kit.

    Many Thanks,


    • Joel Dapol
      Joel Dapol commented
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      Hi Sparks, I appreciate hat people want to know what's going on. All we can say at the moment is that it is not top of our agenda at present. I would say if the requirement is urgent then make alternative arrangements, as I cannot see further n gauge catenary coming out form Dapol within the next couple of years. Sorry to be gloomy about this, but returns for us are still poor on the OHLE and as the whole industry and market gets tougher, we really have to watch on our speculative spending..

    • beeshill
      beeshill commented
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      I have to say, albeit belated, that is refreshingly honest, thank you Joel

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    If Dapol produce more N gauge catenary especially multiple track spans I will buy some. Just received two packs of N gauge OHE masts, very pleased with them.
    Jeremiah Bunyan...


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      Been working on a test track with existing OHLE masts and EZ-line elasticated string. Looks good but I found the masts a bit fragile when just held in via screw posts. I've cut off the screws and fitted magnets instead. Much more forgiving of the odd knock and you can take them off for cleaning etc.
      Would love to see the other mast sets come along, especially double arm and the tensioning masts (with weights).
      Any news on progress?


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        Any update on these Joel Dapol and Andy Dapol
        Jeremiah Bunyan...