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    The omission is now corrected with an overdue project update!
    The model features Dapol's unique 'slide out' PCB for tool-less fitting of DCC and speaker (if required). All our 'standard' specification is present including: Tender and driving wheel pickup, diecast footplate and chassis, firebox flicker etc.

    Other features include:
    Early and late chimney types
    4 or 5 boiler bands
    2 or 4 window cab
    Wheels with and without tyre 'studs' (depending on version)
    Smooth or riveted smokebox
    Lamp bracket positions and quantity (depending on version)
    Modified buffer beam vacuum pipe (where applicable)
    Additional 'auto oiler' pipes (where applicable)
    Smokebox door with & without number plate (depending on version)
    Upper and lower oil reservoir (depending on version)
    Tender rear with and without steps (depending on version)
    Varying tender lamp bracket positioning (depending on version)
    Tender with & without raves

    There has been some disruption to all projects due to the current world situation, however the dust is settling and I will slowly be publishing updates as they become relevant. The first of these is the SECR D class.
    The 2nd EP has arrived and has been approved.

    The attached photos are of the 1st EP and the recent 2nd version.
    Most revisions are 'under the bonnet' but also include test mouldings of the 4 window cab, BR smokebox door and Riveted smokebox. As it is an Engineering Prototype (EP) it's not anatomically correct in every way, that's the job of the decorated samples!

    We are expecting the decorated samples in early August, these will represent each model that is to be produced this time around and are produced for approval purposes, so please ready your pens!

    4S-027-NRM02 D Class SECR 737 NRM 'As Preserved' semi gloss finish
    4S-027-001 D CLass SECR Pre-grouping silk finish 488
    4S-027-002 D Class Southern lined Maunsell olive green
    4S-027-003 D Class BR 'Sunshine' lettering 31731
    4S-027-004 D Class BR black Early Crest 31574
    4S-027-005 D Class SECR Grey, scraped beading 726
    4S-027-006 D Class Southern Sunshine 1734

    Please note: 4S-027-NRM02 will only be available from Locomotion at the NRM.
    Reservations for other models can be made with Rails of Sheffield or directly at Dapol's web shop
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