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  • Richard Dapol
    I have now approved the CAD for toolmaking to start. Please see the attached picture of the corrections to the width of the steamchest/smoke box cradle and the cylinder, that also relate to the 5101 2-6-2 prairie, which I am now working on.
    Also the front pony wheels have been changed to a split axle design allowing a more accurate hub dimension with the complete truck assembly working on a cam system for negotiating R2 radius curved track, the same design I used on my 0 scale model.
    I was hoping to have some sample parts to show for the Warley exhibition at the NEC in November, but have just been advised that they will not be available now until the end of November.

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  • Andy Dapol
    started a topic 63xx Mogul Project managers Blog

    63xx Mogul Project managers Blog

    We are now at the final CAD stage of the 2-6-0 mogul locomotive with all corrections completed except for a minor adjustment of the smoke-box saddle/steam chest, and once approved we shall organise the toolmaking.
    We have incorporated a number of new features intended to make the addition of a DCC decoder and/or DCC sound simple and quick, without the use of tools. The smoke box door is removed and the control PCB pulled out. Speaker and decoder can then be clipped into place.

    The Loco to tender connection also uses a new 'clip lock' drawbar, eliminating fragile wires, and awkward plugs and sockets, whilst retaining a dependable and robust electrical connection.

    The control PCB will optionally directs higher frequency sounds to the 'Sugar cube' speaker in the smoke-box, and the heaver, non-directional Bass sounds to the base-reflex speaker position in the tender. Removal of a small jumper wire on the PCB enables this feature. For those who only wish to use a 'sugar cube' style speaker both high and low frequency sound is fed to it by leaving the jumper in place. The speaker simply clips into place on the removable PCB, the bass-reflex speaker, optionally is fitted in the tender.

    Of course all driving and tender wheels are used for electrical pickup and our proven high torque motor ensures reliable, smooth low-speed running. The die-cast chassis, footplate and wheel-sets (with sprung centre driver) ensure good weight distribution and excellent traction.
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