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2019 B4 models

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  • Les1952
    Two thoughts-

    1. I read somewhere that GUERNSEY was painted in Goods green which was much darker than the passenger green on 91. The answer may be in the Bradley LSWR book, of which the Adams volume is the only one I haven't got.....

    2. The book "Mainline to Industry", Frank Jones, Lightmoor Press 1998, has a nice picture of SUSSEX on page 96, taken in May 1949 at Stewart & Lloyds Bilston works, two months after purchase. The livery is stated as green, and there appears to be a black line along the bottom of the tank, which also goes round the front. There were five of them (interestingly one was GUERNSEY), and four of them were scrapped in 1958, the other (GUERNSEY) in 1961.

    Worth a double check.

    All the very best

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  • Neil Dapol
    started a topic 2019 B4 models

    2019 B4 models

    For your viewing pleasure, photographs of the forthcoming B4 models. Photographs are of decorated samples which are subject to review and correction where necessary.

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