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OO GWR Railcar - Opening post:

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    That's a shame, will have to put up with the out of date Farish ;(


    • JeremiahBunyan
      JeremiahBunyan commented
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      If the Graham Farish running mechanism is good, I'm sure someone can design a new shell to pop on to it.

    • IanS
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      I think B&H have already done them as 3D printed bodies, not sure what chassis they are designed for though, there are several superb Japanese chassis available from Tomix and Green Max.

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    It was actually about 4 years ago that I ran a Crowd funder for the early Railcars in N gauge. It was not successful although it did get around 150 backers. The thing to remember is that this is back before RevolutioN's Pendolino has blazed its trail and convinced everyone that crowd-funding was a viable way to bring things to market in the UK. I would not regard the failure of the kickstarter as a lack of interest in the prototype, just a lack of confidence in the approach at the time.

    Dapol's model is on to its second production run with the a variant in the shape of them parcels car coming along. My hunch is that it would do well in N gauge too.