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  • Product Q&A: GWR diesel railcar accessories list

    First I'd like to say that the railcar is a beautiful model that is nicely detailed and well engineered, IMHO. So this post is not a complaint - I'm just seeking clarification.

    * Different versions of the railcar come with different accessory packs (lamps and horns).
    * The line drawing on the box is common to all versions (I assume) but then the model inside differs in the details, including the accessories.
    * It's possible that some models were supplied without the accessory packs that they should have been.
    * There have been some discrepancies reported on RMWeb between what accessories Dapol and Hattons say should be included with the different versions.


    Can Dapol please supply a definitive list of what accessories should be supplied with each version of the railcar?

    Thanks, Phil
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    Hi Phil,
    When these railcars were originally delivered in February 1936 they did not have any horns,, there is a picture in the book 'Great Western Diesel Railcars' of number 12 in August 1936 fitted with side covers to the bogies and no horns visible, which is the condition we modeled number 11 on with fitted bogie covers, so no horns are supplied or fitted with this model. There is a picture in the same book of number 11 in April 1938 with air horns fitted to the side cab windows, but the bogie covers have now been removed.
    Later two larger horns were fitted in front of the radiator, all other models have these two horns fitted.
    I hope the above clarifies the position.
    Kind Regards, Richard


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      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for that info. So if I was running my model of No.11 in a later period it would have the horns fitted in front of the radiator. I understand you supply a set of lamps with other variants to allow those variants to be adapted to different periods, so why not the same with the horns?

      Don't worry - I'm not going to pester you about this endlessly - and a very kind friend has offered me a set of horns from his model, so I'm sorted now.

      But, more generally for everyone else, I was hoping that if you published a list then anyone buying any variant would be able to check that they've got the correct parts without having to ask.

      Thanks again.