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YCV Turbot Update - Decorated samples

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  • YCV Turbot Update - Decorated samples

    The hand-finished decorated samples were received on Tuesday. With some minor changes they will be approved for production shortly.
    There are some minor colour changes required; the EWS 'Gold' is a little off shade and the floor is the incorrect colour.
    All versions have been fitted with footsteps and grab-rails, 4F-043-004 & 005 (978337 & 978407), did not have these fitted.
    Once the amended paints have been approved these will proceed to production. I will post an update when this is known.
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    [I]Hi Andy,

    The painted EP samples of the Turbot looks stunning. I think you might need to check the Dapol Digest. I never get any notifications etc when you post. But Normally on the right hand side of the homepage (PC) or bottom of the homepage (mobile) I see every other recent post on the Dapol Digest expect your posts.

    I wasn't even aware that you posted these a month ago.[/I]
    Jeremiah Bunyan...


    • Andy Dapol
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      Editing a comment
      Not sure why this would be. My recent posts show in the panel.
      However, I do like to keep a low profile, so everything is good here