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Annoncing Dapols YCV Turbot

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  • Annoncing Dapols YCV Turbot

    A little late I'm afraid, but I have created this thread for updates and discussions on this wagon as it progresses towards release.

    [B]The prototype:[/B]
    Converted from the earlier Bogie Bolster wagons, which were surplus due to operational demand, BR converted a number for departmental use as ballast wagons.
    Running in rakes or even individually depending on the requirements of the job in hand these wagons were ubiquitous across the B.R. regions during the 1980's. Two main liveries existed, Engineers 'Dutch' yellow and grey and later, EWS crimson and gold. Other minor variations also appeared.

    [B]The Model:[/B]
    We have used original works drawings in conjunction with surveys of existing examples during design of this model. Dapols usual high level of detail will be continued in this wagon, including a diecast chassis offering stability and bogie mounted coupling for reliable running. The model has been designed with separate doors, which although supplied assembled will permit the modeller to more simply 'kit-bash' if required. Couplings are NEM type and also feature a removable NEM pocket allowing the working 'Instanter' coupling to be used, or simply to 'clean-up' the rearmost wagon (don't forget a lamp!).
    We are initially releasing both 'Dutch' and EWS liveries and will eventually produce all variations and further running numbers in each livery.

    Further detail and prices can be found in our online catalogue [URL=""]<link>[/URL]

    Dapol Staff Member