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    Hi just a quick enquiry to ask if there are any plans to release a new batch of MRA wagons at any point please ?
    I would personally like a couple more sets and there are variations in livery that could now be covered, such as the bulk ballast only patches seen on some vehicles.

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    The production costs of the MRA have risen dramatically in the past 3/4 years to the pint now where we think they are noncommercial I am afraid. A five car set would now cost around £210 and I fear this would make them unsaleable. I very much doubt we will produce the MRA in the near future I am afraid.

    Dapol Staff Member


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      Hi again many thanks for the answer to my question and I fully take on board the reasoning behind it.
      However at £210 pounds it works out to £42 a wagon not it seems by other wagon's actually far out of the way ?
      Revolutions Ealnos is selling well at £41 each standard wagon and the JHA will be I believe around the £45 mark ?
      However many thanks for the prompt and courteous answer as always .


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        I'll have to agree with the post above, £210 for five high quality wagons does not sound too bad at all! I thought to look at mine again this weekend and it must be said the detail on these wagons is utterly superb. But then, seeing as I was around then the originals were released, I think I am personally OK for more.