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    I received my four sets today, beautifully finished and everything intact. Exceptionally nice wagons!

    1. Will there be further sets of the Freightliner livery with further alternative numbers?
    2. Will you be producing GBRf liveried versions in the next run?

    Thank you!


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    They are very nice wagons, only thing I notice against the IOA's is how small the buffers and the buffer shanks are !


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    Any idea if/when you're doing a second batch of these? My Local shop can't order any as the first batch has sold out!


    • Joel Dapol
      Joel Dapol
      Joel Dapol commented
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      We are looking at batch 2 now, along with some GBRF versions. If all goes to plan towards the end of the year.

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    Hi Joel, anything to add to update this thread?


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      The next batch of OO Gauge MJA twin wagons have been announced on the Dapol website and Facebook page this morning. The GB Railfreight livery will be added to the range.

      I am currently in the process of over seeing the artwork for the GBRF version of this wagon. Are there any Dapol Digest users out there that have good quality photographs of the various marking and data panels on the side of the wagons that they could let me have access to? Of particular interest are the two data panels and the WABTEC sticker as show in the attached clip of artwork.

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        Hi All, glad to see that the GBrf version is to be released this year in the second quarter I believe ?
        Have been looking forward to these since the release of batch one they should look very tasty indeed,
        as did batch one. Am I correct in thinking that there were four versions in batch one but three of each operator in
        batch two ?
        Many thanks for the modern wagons Dapol we would be quite forgotten with out you keep it up.


        • Neil Dapol
          Neil Dapol
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          HI the norfolkman,

          Yes batch one had four green freightliner twins, batch two will have three of each livery. the details of the specific running numbers etc can be found currently in a news item on our website. these will be appearing in our online catalog in the near future also.

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        Hi All, just recieved the GBRF version of the MJA in the post today.
        Very pleased with the wagons the finish on them is to a good standard and the minor issue's in batch one with the lamp
        irons etc have been corrected. well done Dapol for taking notice and putting thing's wright, yet again a good effort you can be proud of.
        The printing on the wagons is also very good.
        One happy customer


        • JeremiahBunyan
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          Good to see Dapol listening...though I have no idea what the issue was with the lamp bracket, the important point is that they listened.

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        Hi Again just a quick line to ask if we will see any more of the MJA wagons produced specifically in my case the GBRF version please ?