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  • MLA ballast wagons

    Hi all, please could some body comment on whether this vehicle will be produced at some point if possible please. Announced some time ago under different management,there is a lot of
    comment else where which to be honest contradicts its self. This for me would be a very useful wagon if produced and would be the
    perfect soul mate for the JNA falcon's they are regularly seen now in mixed rakes, and certainly add colour with different yellows and the EWS
    red snapper versions. I would also think that due to the main body being vertually identical with 13 ribs and only grabs and step's in different positions
    With thoughtful tooling the IEA could also be produced with its different body end, this would pretty much complete the family of vehicle's and allow accurate
    modelling of the ballast / spoil rakes seen today.

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    I understand that these were announced during 2010, however, were dropped from plans a year later and did not make it into our 2012 brochure. I am afraid we have no current plans to produce this either, sorry and are focusing on releasing other outstanding wagons that made into the 2014/15 brochure.

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      Hi Joel, many thanks for answering the post and clearing up what was for me at least a bit of confusion.
      Must admit a bit sad it's not to progress but I fully understand your reasons, keep up the good work that is underway.