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  • Fastline FEA wagons

    Hello, sometime ago Dapol produced a set of FEA wagons,I think for Rail Express magazine (might be wrong ??) in the livery of now defunct Fastline. Can anybody tell me how many different sets were produced ? I have acquired sets A,B,C and G so far..trying to get the full rake to sit behind my newly acquired Fastline 66. Thanks in advance of any info

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    Check out the Rail Exclusives website (Formerly of Rail Express before sold), they have all previous limited edition information there:

    You have a few more to get!

    Wagon A: 643001+643002
    Wagon B: 643005+643006
    Wagon C: 643007+643008
    Wagon D: 643009+643010
    Wagon E: 643013+643014
    Wagon F: 643015+643016
    Wagon G: 643019+643020
    Wagon H: 643021+643022
    Wagon I: 643023+643024


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      Many thanks for the information. Good news that there are more running numbers to get,OCD won't let me run the same numbers in a formation. Just have to wait for some to come up on the auction site,they seem as rare as rocking horse S***


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        I agree, I too like separate numbers for wagons. Something I appreciate about Dapol is they release a good spread.